Vertical ICF Systems and Pre-Fabricated Wall Segments

November 8, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Rated as one of PATH’s Top 10 technologies of 2007, and Rural Builder’s Magazine’s Top 10 products of 2007, vertical insulating concrete forms are being realized as one of the most beneficial new building technologies in recent memory.

Vertical ICF systems are permanent concrete forms, used to set and pour a building’s concrete walls. Traditional form boards are made of wood and, once the concrete is set, the forms are removed, leaving a clean concrete wall.

Vertical ICF forms, however, remain a permanent, functional part of the wall after the concrete is poured. Furthermore, rather than being made of wood, ICF systems are constructed of galvanized steel I-beams and dual high-density polystyrene panels. The steel I-beams provide added strength and integrity- up to 50% stronger than conventionally poured walls. The polystyrene panels provide exceptional energy efficiency to the structure- up to 40% more energy efficient than common wood-frame homes.

As opposed to horizontal insulated concrete forms, vertical portions are placed vertically in order to provide a unique, open-design, providing easier construction. Also, the vertical orientation of the system eliminates common problems associated with horizontal forming, such as floating, settling, and bowing. These problems can result in inaccuracies in the dimensions, straightness, and the square of walls.

Prefabricated ICF Walls

One of the greatest advantages of using ICF systems is the option of being able to use pre-fab walls. Pre-fabricated ICF walls bring added benefits to an already exceptionally beneficial ICF system.

-Pre-fab walls are built and set in 1/3 of the time of other methods, which are already substantially faster than conventional construction methods.

-This increased speed lowers labor cost and makes weather less of an obstacle.

-Far less waste is incurred when using pre-fabricated walls. In-factory manufacturing produces .25% waste material. In comparison, normal on-site ICF construction results in an average of 5% waste. Less waste=less cost.

-As with all things pre-fab, productivity and accuracy are dramatically increased. Construction in a manufacturing facility allows the use of fixtures, jigs, and other equipment that are not available to on-site construction.

-Segments are available in a standard 12″ width and are customizable to any desired height.

As a builder, contractor, or construction company, the incorporation of vertical ICF systems can provide you with an innovative and beneficial aspect to your business. With the addition of pre-fabricated wall segments, a standardized, fast, efficient construction method can be the boon you have been looking for.

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